About our church

Jesus preached with passion and authority. But we never find him stomping his feet, thumping a Bible, or screaming at his congregation. Nor did he engage in drawn-out, emotional, "altar calls" to try to convince people against their wills.

Jesus simply opened up God's truth, presented people with choices, and let them freely choose.

Our pastor very much fits the model of Christ in his preaching. It is direct and plain, but never overbearing. Each Sunday he presents a passage from the Scripture, then amplifies it and applies its ageless principles to our time. He challenges us and presents us with choices that we are free to make -- or not make.

I don't like to feel manipulated when I go to church. I appreciate being respected.

If you come to our church hungry, you will be fed. And if you accept and follow our pastor's challenges, you will become a better disciple of Jesus.
We are blessed to have Milton McGuirt as our pastor.

Our choir director is one of the finest musicians you can find. She is not only technically brilliant and unusually hard working, but she is doing her work for the Glory of God, not for herself. Each Sunday, the choir presents the results of diligent practice, along with the passionate prayer that God will use the music to minister to the congregation (and He ministers to the choir members, as well). We are also blessed to have Joan Newell at Hemingway First United Methodist.

Others minister in various ways, mostly as volunteers. Children are taught in Sunday School, children's sermons, Kidz Klub and Vacation Bible School. Flowers are provided for each Sunday. The candles are respectfully lit. Recordings are made of the services for shut-ins. Funds are collected and disbursed in responsible fashion. The light bills are paid. The church is cleaned. Repairs and decorations are done in timely fashion. You can step into the sanctuary and see immediately that there are people who care.

I once overheard the pastor thank a member for some work he did, and his quiet response was, "Well, I did it for Him."

Pastor Milt makes it clear that every member is a minister. And we thank God for those who step up and do their part to make all the parts fit together into a whole.

I invite anyone who is looking for a good church - not a perfect one, but a very good one - to come to visit. And, as our pastor is fond of saying - "If you are looking for a church home, welcome home!"

Dave Green, Lay Leader