Sermon page

Download recordings of recent sermons at Hemingway First United Methodist Church

Note:  All sermon recordings are in MP3 format. If you left-click on one of these file links, your computer's default audio player will probably play the recording. MP3 files can be played by most audio programs, and Windows users likely have a free one already on their computers - Windows Media Player. If your computer is an older one, you may wish to upload the latest version from Microsoft here.

These files (known as podcasts) can also be downloaded for future use by right-clicking on them, and chose "Save target as..." from the dropdown menu. Save wherever you chose on your hard drive, and rename if you chose, but do not change the ".mp3" file extension.

Once the file is saved on your computer, you can also use Window Media Player to burn a CD, so you can listen to the sermon in your car or home CD player.

This page under construction. Look for more sermon recordings soon.